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A MATTER OF PRIVACY AND DECENCY I feel strongly that photos of my patients should not be shown on the world wide web for public viewing. It is a matter of privacy and decency! This is an especially sensitive issue when we are dealing with photos showing intimate parts of the anatomy! The current trend of flooding the web with naked bodies does not honor the anatomical form. I know prospective patients want to see before and after photos. I will show before and after images in privacy of my office. Remember that posted images on the web can be re-touched and misleading for marketing purposes. Surgical outcomes will vary in patients, because of differences in the anatomy and healing.

Dr. E. Bradley Garber's website only provides information about cosmetic & reconstructive plastic surgery in Tulsa, OK. This information is not meant to be taken as medical advice. For more information about cosmetic & reconstructive plastic surgery , contact Dr. Garber.

Before & After Privacy Statement Disclaimer:
Out of respect for Dr. Garber's patients, he does not publish cosmetic before and after photos on the internet. He will be happy to share these images in the privacy of his office.

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